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World innovation
World innovation
The new Miele G 7000 dishwashers*
*Launch date may vary between countries.
World innovation: AutoDos with PowerDisk®
Rewrite the rules of dosing.
The new G 7000 series is able to do things ordinary dishwashers can't. The innovative AutoDos system with the PowerDisk® always dispenses the optimal amount of detergent. For the perfect synergy of cleansing, drying, and protection – and thus, for a perfect result.
Feel possibilities not constraints.

Innovation: SmartSolutions

Experience freedom like never before.

No matter where you are – with the Miele@mobile app you can put your G 7000 dishwasher to work at any time. We call this MobileControl*. Thanks to AutoStart**, you have the additional option to program your dishwasher to automatically start at one or several pre-determined times.* Expected to be available from end of November 2018.** Expected to be available from Quarter 2, 2019.

New: AutoStart Manager

Starts automatically at preset times.

With AutoStart* and the Miele@mobile app you can set G 7000 dishwashers to automatically start at one or several pre-determined times. Thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk® there is always detergent available to enable the appliance to get to work completely autonomously. Starting it manually is no longer required. Not having sufficient clean crockery due to forgetting to press the start button is now a thing of the past.* Expected to be available from Quarter 2, 2019.


Perfect control – every time and everywhere.

Monitor, start and control your G 7000 dishwasher conveniently with your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are at the time. With the free Miele@mobile app you can for example keep an eye on the fill level of the PowerDisk® or the time left for the current programme to run.* Expected to be available from end of November 2018.


For the freedom to think about anything but your dishwasher.

Free yourself from having to remember to buy detergent. The free Miele@mobile app makes it easy for you to order new PowerDisks® and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

Innovation: 3D MultiFlex tray

Extra flexibility.

The height, width and depth of the tray are adjustable to suit any type of load. The height-adjustable side section ensures that you can easily position small items too. And a width-adjustable side section enables you to position stemware even in the upper basket.

New: M Touch Vi Display

State of the art, easy to use.

The M Touch Vi Display is a real visual and technical highlight. You can control it easily, quickly and intuitively by tapping or wiping directly on the display. The high-quality design with the black control panel and the bright Miele logo blends perfectly into the characteristic design of the G 7000 dishwashers.

The G 7000 dishwasher sets new benchmarks – so do I.
Marina Kazankova
World record holder in freediving
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