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There are none.

It's impossible until somebody does it.

Miele goes beyond the limits of the possible and improves what is already perfect: In 2018 Miele launches the world's first dishwashers with automatic dosing system and PowerDisk®.

It's impossible until somebody does it.
It's impossible until somebody does it.

Rewrite the rules of dosing.
Innovation AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk®.

The new G 7000 series is able to do things ordinary dishwashers can't. The innovative AutoDos System with the PowerDisk® always dispenses the optimal amount of detergent. For the perfect synergy of cleansing, drying, and protection – and thus, for a great result.

Miele präsentiert AutoDos und PowerDisk

Miele presents
the Dialog oven.

New definition of cooking:
M Chef technology for exceptional cooking innovation and matchless moments of enjoyment. Revolutionary excellence.

Miele präsentiert den Dialoggarer

Hot steam meets
the microwave.

Miele creates a unique built-in appliance: the combination of steam oven and microwave. Two different disciplines, perfectly combined in one appliance. Space-saving, functional, and convenient as a supplement to the oven.

 Heisser Dampf trifft Mikrowelle

The soft

Miele revolutionizes laundry care: the innovative honeycomb drum with a web-like surface structure creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry, so that the washing can glide softly.

 Heisser Dampf trifft Mikrowelle

Top level

At the end of the 1980s Miele invents the cutlery tray. A new third level above the two crockery baskets in the dishwasher. Same space, more cutlery and crockery can be loaded, plus better cleaning. A story of success.

Spülen auf höchster Ebene

Way ahead
of time.

Miele introduces the first electrical dishwasher in the European market. Still rather simple and operated manually. But a pioneering achievement and the first step towards revolutionizing daily chores.

 Der Zeit voraus

old technology.

Miele transformed their very successful wooden butter churn into a new innovative cornerstone: tub, paddle and the hand-driven flywheel were no longer churning cream to butter, instead they were spinning laundry. Miele’s first washing machine rapidly became a bestseller.

 Alte Technik, neu gedacht

Perfect laundry care with Miele.

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Miele's first vacuum cleaner without a bag.

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Discover the origin of the extraordinary.

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